1. All must be state registered and hold current liability insurance, and attach copy of such to SSRTA application. License plate must be displayed.

2. SSRT membership sticker must be displayed high on left rear fender of atv, high on left rear side behind door of utv(if possible, or in front of door)visible on left side for snowmobiles(near state sticker)and left rear fender for motorcycles.

3. All operators and passengers must wear a securely fastened DOT approved helmet with eye protection.

4. To operate an ATV, 8 through 15 years of age, you must possess a DCNR Safety Certificate and be supervised by a licensed 18 year old.

5. Safe reasonable speeds of 20 MPH is expected with Slow Down Area Zones of 5 MPH. This is posted at all bridges, tunnels, residential areas(Ex: Number 10 Bridge to Clarence Gate, Tarman Crossing, passing by Gillentown Trailhead and traveling in Gillentown Trailhead, Black Bear Trailhead and SSRTA-Elks Trailhead. Excessive speeds or doing donuts in any of the trailheads will result in loss of membership.)

6. “Wheels yield to Heels” – All must slow down when passing or over taking another user. Stop when approaching a horse and ask rider when it would be safe to continue. Be courteous to all non motorized users and go slow when passing by them. “Be respectful.”

7. Stay on designated Trail and legalized Township Roads. Stay off of Private Property.

8. Any liability for NEGLIGENCE in the use and operation of motorized units is attributed to the owner-operator. All PA. LAWS pertaining to Motorized usage including no alcohol, drugs which impairs the operation of the unit is attributed to the operator.

9. In the Gillentown Trailhead, all fires must be in self contained unit with bottom, dumpable unit-which ashes must be disposed at the designated dumping sites. Violators will lose their membership.

10. Use of Romtec Restrooms is a privilege. Trash deposited in toilet openings, graffiti or any misuse will result in loss of membership and legal action.

11. Class one or two maximum weight limits must not exceed 1, 800 lbs.
Remember, it is better to be safe than sorry!!

Rev. 8-12-2020