Welcome to the Snow Shoe Rails to Trails

The Snow Shoe Rails to Trails was formed in 1999. We are all volunteers & maintain the trail with your membership dues. The trail is for walkers, bikers, equestrians, atvs & snowmobiles. ABSOLUTELY NO DIRT BIKES. Dirt bikes are not registered with PA or DCNR and they are not required to carry insurance, so we cannot allow them on our Trail.

We have over 40 miles of approved trails and roadways. In August 2011, DCNR connected us to the Bloody Skillet Trail near Orviston. The Snow Shoe Rails to Trails System is open year around. However, the Bloody Skillet Trail is a state system & is closed certain times of the year. So, check the DCNR web site to determine specific dates etc. Motorized units must be registered with the club to ride the trail. You must provide state registration & insurance information to register your motorized units.

Plan according: Turn around time for a membership sticker is 2-3 weeks. That is from the time you send in your application till you receive your membership. However, we do have several local corporate sponsors that handle the applications & can provide you a membership sticker on site. View them out on our membership page.

We have 13 gates with bollards along the trail that are 70" wide.
Our mission is to provide a safe, family oriented place to ride along with other trail users. We want to show case our Centre Region's natural beauty, making it available for all to enjoy. The SSRTA firmly believes in partnering with local businesses and local government - thus creating a riding experience linking town to town.

Attention for Trail users that are non-motorized:
The SSRT Trail is mostly made up of original rough ballast, suitable for only the type of bicycle that can navigate through really large limestone. This surface is present from Black Bear Trailhead to Gillentown Trailhead ( approximately 15 miles). At Gillentown towards Clarence, approximately 4 miles-there is a Driving Surface Aggregate, that is much smoother for hiking, biking and horse back riding.
where to park

SSRTA Trailheads

Gillentown Trailhead

1145 West Sycamore Road
Moshannon, PA 16859

Black Bear Trailhead

N40 56.813 and W 078 08.335

Elks Trailhead

1950 Black Moshannon Rd.,
Philipsburg, PA 16866

sproul state forest

Bloody Skillet ATV Trail System

The Snow Shoe Rails to Trails connects to the Bloody Skillet ATV riding area in Centre County via a 6 1/2 mile connector trail. The Bloody Skillet Trail, operated and regulated solely by DCNR, is located 16 miles East from Gillentown Trailhead.

More than 39 miles of summer and winter trails. Access from SR 144 approximately 19 miles north of the Snow Shoe Exit of US Route 80. Turn right onto De Haas Road and travel 5.3 miles South, to the Northern Terminus Trailhead.

Peale Tunnel

Located approximately 3 miles from the Peale Crossing at Gorton Road. Constructed in 1883, the tunnel is 1,277 feet long and is a highlight of our trail system.

Viaduct Bridge

Located approximately 7 miles from the Black Bear Trailhead. The Viaduct Bridge is 770 foot long and 110 feet high. This bridge spans over the Red Moshannon River at the Clearfield/Centre County line.

The Viaduct bridge was closed in 2013. The Corman Railroad Company decided that the bridge presented too much of a liability.

the story behind

Indian Rock

Years ago, Dick Rockey would mention to all of us, “Did you see the Indian Rock while traveling down the trail from Black Bear Trailhead?” We used to tell him, “NO, didn't see it.” Months later, we took our time and noticed a rock painted as an Indian Chief.

It is located between mile marker 63 and 62 on left side traveling from Black Bear to the Viaduct Bridge.

After checking into it, we found out our previous Vice President (Dick Rockey-may he rest in peace.) used to take care of it. Well, we kept looking and looking and finally saw it one day, and stopped to take pictures. I'm sure Dick is in heaven thanking the family for following up on his Indian Rock, thinking Good job Kids!! By the way, Dick was the person responsible for naming the Black Bear Trailhead. Dick always mentioned, there's a rattle snake den nearby Indian Rock too.

the story behind

Dick Rockey Memorial

In June 2012, the Dick Rockey Memorial Plaque was installed by Bill Verbeck on the large rock at the entrance to the Black Bear Trailhead. Dick was an avid atvist and promoted atving for youths. He was one of the original visionaries of the Snow Shoe Rails to Trails and the person that thought of the Black Bear Trailhead and it's name. He was a past vice president of the SSRTA and a devoted member. He was always willing to give what it took to make it happen. Whenever a work detail was scheduled, you could count on Dick to be there. He has been and will continue to be deeply missed by all that knew him. He is in heaven carving out a trail for all of us.
MAY 18, 2023

Meyers Run Road Connector to Casanova Road

For the past couple years the Snow Shoe Rails to Trails has been working with DCNR to create a connection from Casanova Road to Gorton Crossing on the SSRT. We were alerted last evening that this connection will open Friday of Memorial Day Weekend through the last Sunday in September. This will allow atvs/utvs another 5 mile connection.

DCNR is still installing a few signs etc. and will continue to work on those things after the opening of the connection.

The discussions have pertained to driving atvs-utvs on Meyers Run Road and Huckleberry Road to Casanova Road. This entire road will now be designated Meyers Run Road. There is a small spur off of Meyers Run Road that is still called Huckleberry Road but is not legal for atvs-utvs. So, stay on Meyers Run Road.

The other part to this connection was getting a lease from the Snow Shoe Wilderness Association. The SSRT has done so with the approval of DCNR. So, the first one half mile of trail from Gorton Road or Gorton Crossing on the SSRT to Interstate 80 is the Snow Shoe Wilderness Associations property. SSRT will be installing a DCNR atv-utv sign at the Gorton Crossing and another sign adjacent to Interstate 80. DCNR will post Meyers Run. Again, stay on designated Road or trail.

Mile Markers are being placed along Meyers Run Road for everyone's safety and locations. 25 MPH signs have been installed too. So, please respect the laws of the state and travel speed limits. Be respectful to other riders and trail partners. Cameras are installed as well as extra enforcement will be out on this new section. Counters are also in place to check how many people are using this route with atvs-utvs. Please wear your helmets.

The SSRT needs your support so we can continue working to create more trails and connections.
Thank you,
SSRTA Executive Officers And Board Of Directors